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Taking The Tivoli

2019 got off to a great start with our Brothers In Arms Pure Purple and Whitesnake UK at The Tivoli Venue in North East Wales for the first of this years Deep Purple Family Tree Events. The Tivoli Venue dates back to 1920 and was originally a Theatre/Cinema House - now it has been transformed into a prestigious live music venue and boasts a large capacity, immense sound and great lighting.

Rainbow Rising opened things up and managed to squeeze 10 tracks into their one hour slot starting with Kill The King (what else!!) and moved through an array of classics even throwing in the largely unknown track "The Shed" from Long Live Rock 'N' Roll.


Kill The King

Man On The Silver Mountain

16th Century Greensleeves

Loves No Friend

The Shed

Gates Of Babylon

Catch The Rainbow


Since You've Been Gone

All Night Long

A big crowd turned out for the event which was very much appreciated and were into it from beginning to end - the only shame was we had to get off stage after our hour - we could have played all night - funny parts were watching Pete and Tony disappear in amongst the dry ice - the guy in control of the smoke machine got a bit carried away at the start of Stargazer!! and watching Oz (Pure Purple's Frontman) performing in his socks and wading through a pint of water Tony had knocked over lol. Everyone was agreed that we need to get back there as soon as possible so watch this space. Many thanks to all the staff @ The Tivoli Venue - especially the sound crew - but the biggest shout goes to the crowd - simply an awesome bunch - thank you for Catching The Rainbow.

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