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Rainbow Rising


Rainbow Rising were formed in 1998 and are built around a guitarist who possesses an almost unnatural ability to recreate the real Ritchie Blackmore sound, style and on stage persona with breath taking accuracy. Barry Sharples is 'The Man In Black' and is a life long Ritchie Blackmore disciple with years of experience performing Live on Stage.




The members of Rainbow Rising, as with all the real Ritchie Blackmore's bands, have been selected for their individual ability to emulate the legendary musicians who have graced the Deep Purple Family Tree.




Rainbow Rising recreate the 'live' Ritchie Blackmore experience selecting material from the entire Ritchie Blackmore back catalogue, including Rainbow in all it's many forms.








Rainbow Rising Are

Neil Priddey - Lead Guitar

Peter Hagan - Bass Guitar

Alan Nelson - Keyboards

James Last - Drums

Tony Thurlow - Vocals

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