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As The Year Ends

As 2018 comes to a close we can look back and say we gave you our best. 2018 saw a key change in the line up as our then frontman Wayne Dorman received the offer of playing lead guitar for rock giants Onslaught. Wayne and the band rose to the challenge of sourcing his replacement and lady luck was on our side as Tony Thurlow landed and has been nothing short of the perfect replacement.

The band is going from strength to strength - new tracks are getting added to the setlist and things feel really good at present. Changes are being made to add an even more authentic sound and feel as the band continue to stamp their authority and continue being the No1 Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Tribute.

The last gig of 2018 saw the guys returning to The Big House Blues Bar in Darwen - once again they played the perfect hosts - management, staff and crowd are first class. The guys had to overcome a few technical problems in the second set but if you want true professionalism then look no further than our drummer - Mick 'Mr Rock n Roll' Rice. Mick was suffering badly with a stomach virus but he fought through the pain and discomfort all night. Alas the gig was finally cut short during the encores as Mick threw up during All Night Long and simply couldn't continue. What was really uplifting was the appreciation and understanding shown by the crowd - this is something the band wont forget when they return in 2019. Darwen rocks!!

I'm including a link to a track performed by the band which has never been rehearsed - Mick had to leave the stage for ten minutes and Baz on lead guitar quickly called out 'Soldier Of Fortune' - This was a perfect example of the show having to go on and why Rainbow Rising are without doubt the No1 Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Tribute.

At the end of our 20th year the only thing left to say is we wish to thank everyone for supporting Rainbow Rising over the last 20 years and look forward to seeing you all in 2019. Special thanks go to all the Rainbow Rising support crew - Angie, Jodi, Dawn, Pauline, Jo and Bren - without you and your never ending patience and understanding we would be screwed basically. Finally we would like to wish all the extended Rainbow Rising Family a Happy Christmas and a healthy trouble free 2019. Without you there is no Rainbow Rising!!

All the very best guys...Steve

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