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Route 44 Live - Go

Rainbow Rising took the stage at Route 44 Live for the first time on Saturday and it won't be the last. Once again Sound engineering was spot on - a very welcoming crowd - brilliant staff - great organisation - exactly what is required to make a bangin night. Soundcheck had it's hiccups but none of them found there way into the set and what a setlist.

Ist Set consisted of Kill The King, 16th Century Greensleeves, Man On The Silver Mountain (Including Blues), I Surrender, Love’s No Friend, Lady Of The Lake, Gates Of Babylon, The Shed and Catch The Rainbow - i wish i had recorded Tony's end to Catch The Rainbow - makes the hairs on your arms stand up.

2nd set and encores were Eyes Of The World, No Time To Lose, Tarot Woman, Starstruck, Do You Close Your Eyes, Stargazer, Since You’ve Been Gone, All Night Long, Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll, Smoke On The Water and Still I’m Sad. The last two tracks were additional encores as the crowd wouldn't let the band offstage - Smoke On The Water was performed as they did it at the last gig and Tony had only sung Still I'm Sad once in rehearsal - It was blistering (judge for yourself ) - Youtube - Still I'm Sad

Big shout out to Andy on the keys for an endless array of faultless solo's - intro's to Gates Of Babylon, Tarot Woman were on point - blues solo was smooth and his solo to end Tarot Woman was hell raising!! Icing on the cake was seeing Wayne (our last frontman) and Rebecca turn out to see the band - everyone got to speak with them at length and Wayne's comments of how much he enjoyed the show on social media were very much appreciated.

Can't thank the guys at Route 44 Live enough so to Daz, Kyle, Nancy and Bear (apologies for missing anyone) - you're a class act

Our final gig of 2018 sees the guys back at The Big House Blues Bar in Darwen so if your there make sure to say hello.

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