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The New Man In Town

We have a new frontman folks. We're very excited to announce that Tony Thurlow has joined the ranks as our new vocalist!

Tony has an impressive resume, notably being offered the job to replace Ian Gillan in Black Sabbath back in 1983, but alas the music business beast struck - their loss - our gain!

Tony has rubbed shoulders with some big names performing with Thin Lizzy's guitarist Brian Robertson, Motorhead's drummer Phil Taylor and The Michael Schenker Group's Bassist Chris Glen!

Tony's first gigs with Rainbow Rising will be at the St Austell Band Club on the 20th July and at Tavistock Wharf on the 21st July 2018. He is also in a covers band called Jump the Gun based in the Middlesbrough Area and in a recording band called Lies of Smiles so check them out too!!

Please give Tony a massive welcome, we appreciate all your love and support!

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