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Eleven Caught The Rainbow

What an amazing night in Stoke-On-Trent the band had last Saturday - mainly thanks to the brilliant crowd that turned out in large numbers to support Rainbow Rising in what has fast become one of the Uk's premier venues. Eleven has it all - well organised and friendly staff - facilities that are second to none - a big stage with the lighting and immense sound to match and a welcoming enthusiastic crowd.

A great example of just how good the crowd were was how they interacted with Wayne - Wayne was suffering with a chest infection but being the pro he is he dug deep to ensure the paying public got the best he had to offer - every time he asked the crowd to help him out they did so without question - the result was a great performance from him and the rest of the guys - tracks that had been erased from the set list due to the strain they put on vocals were added back in - Mistreated, Gates Of Babylon and Do You Close Your Eyes were blasted out with relentless power.

As most people know Wayne is moving on to pastures new soon and is leaving big boots to fill as did Mark "Raggie" Slack before his passing. Auditions are imminent so if you want to see Wayne before he leaves then Catch The Rainbow soon. The set list is below and a couple of videos have been posted to Facebook and Youtube for your enjoyment. Please leave feedback and get in touch - most of all give your support to all the venues and bands because they are keeping the music "live". Long Live Rock 'N' Roll.

Eleven – Stoke-On-Trent


Kill The King

16th Century Greensleeves

Man On The Silver Mountain

I Surrender

Love’s No Friend

Catch The Rainbow


Tarot Woman


Do You Close Your Eyes


A Light In The Black

Gates Of Babylon

Since You’ve Been Gone

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