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Band Announcement

Hi All, Wayne here!

I wanted to take the time to announce to you all that, with a heavy heart, I have decided to step down from my position as the vocalist of Rainbow Rising in order to pursue new opportunities. I have thought long and hard about ways that I can make this work but sadly this new venture will mean that I won’t have the time to offer the band what they truly deserve and this is not what my bandmates or you, as fans, deserve.

Whereas I am truly saddened to have had to reach this decision, I can hand on heart say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the guys and the ‘extended family’ that is Rainbow Rising. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has supported me and the band over the years and most of all, for accepting me, given the circumstances in which I was offered the position.

To my bandmates and everyone else involved in making RR a possibility: Thank you for giving me the opportunity and for being such a wonderful group of people to share a stage with. Please rest assured that RR will be continuing to perform and I will be fulfilling my duties up until around the end of June, where I will be passing the mic to whoever the guys choose to take my place. If you think you have what it takes to front the band, please feel free to get in touch to arrange an audition

Once again; thank you all for your kindness and support over the past few years, I love you all.


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