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Flowerpot Review

It was two weeks short of three years since Rainbow Rising graced the stage of The Flowerpot so this gig was eagerly anticipated. Anyone who attended the last gig were to see a different Rainbow Rising line up this time - Andy, Pete and Mick had played before under the Rainbow Rising banner but this was the first time for Wayne and Neil. Barry was still recovering from an operation so Neil of Deepest Purple fame was deputizing and Wayne was in his home town so adrenaline was sky high.

This was Neil's second gig but his first full Rainbow set so with barely no practice time it was agreed in the run up to throw in a couple of Deep Purple tracks. One major surprise though was one of them the band had never performed before.

The sound check went really well mainly thanks to Sid and his ear for perfect balance but the highlight was the successful rehearsal of the never played before Deep Purple's "Child In Time". A huge crowd was in attendance, the atmosphere was electric so the tone was set for a evening of almost faultless classic rock.

As with every gig we are treated to Dorothy stating we are not in Kansas and the power track "Kill The King" opening the set. The backbone of Mick on the skins and Pete on Bass kept a perfect thumping tempo throughout the entire gig allowing Andy, Wayne and Neil to entertain with true authenticity.

Wayne was on fire bringing in more and more of himself into his performance - each song a passion filled journey getting stronger and stronger as the night went on. Andy on the Keys as always produced some fine sounds along with his immense attention to detail and the final shout goes to Neil "Ritchie Blackmore" Priddey- thumping riffs galore and blazing solo's in abundance all in all a performance of great style.

The standout moment by a mile was the first encore of the night in the classic rendition of "Child In Time". I could write so much about how good it was but their is no need. Check out the video on our Facebook Page, on this website or on YouTube - the link is below.

All in all this was an outstanding show at an awesome venue supported by an amazing crowd, Many thanks Derby and we will see you again very soon.

The Flowerpot – Derby - Set List


Kill The King

Man On The Silver Mountain

Jealous Lover

I Surrender

Love’s No Friend

Lady Of The Lake

Stone Cold


Still I’m Sad

Run With The Wolf

Catch The Rainbow

16th Century Greensleeves


A Light In The Black


Child In Time

Since You’ve Been Gone

Perfect Strangers

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