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Introducing Neil Priddey

Recently announced our guitarist Barry Sharples underwent some surgery and has his foot in plaster for a few weeks. We have been very fortunate to secure the services of Neil Priddey to cover the next couple of shows at Liverpool and Derby.

Neil's current band is HFM - a power trio that plays classic rock covers (loads of Black Sabbath) plus their own material recorded last year as their "Talisman" EP which is available via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify etc. Neil has previously played with Axe Attack and Freefall Vertigo but the Blackmore link comes with playing for Deepest Purple for several years - a name that may well be familiar to a few of you.

The band hit the rehearsal studios tomorrow night to lay down the set list and Neil is very familiar with Blackmore's Rainbow work especially the "On Stage" material so we are in good hands. If you are coming to either gig remember to say high and give Neil a Rainbow Rising welcome.

Links to HFM

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